The Goodies Restaurant


The Goodies Restaurant
The Goodies Restaurant

The Goodies Restaurant

The Goodies Restaurant

The Goodies Restaurant


The Goodies Restaurant

The Goodies Classique Breakfast

2 x Eggs scrambled, poached, fried, boiled or as an omelette, served with crispy bacon, a grilled sausage, tomatoes and your choice of white or brown toast. Hope you are feeling hungry!

Eggs Benedict

2 x Poached eggs, drizzled with a herbed hollandaise sauce served on a toasted bread, and finished off with either salmon, ham or avocado. This is a winner!

Goodies Wrap

Homestyle scrambled eggs, with a choice of fried mushrooms, beans, avocado, bacon or smoked salmon.


A ripened avocado guacamole served with a fried egg, covered in goats’ cheese and drizzled generously with our homemade honey. This will have you coming back for more!

Eggs Chaksouka

2 x farm fresh eggs gently poached in our secret Mediterranean tomato sauce sprinkled with our special herbs.

Breakfast Pizza – The Breakfast of Champions

A wood fired pizza, served with grilled bacon, 2 x fried eggs, and finished off with a generous helping of mozzarella cheese. Who said you cannot have a pizza for breakfast!

Goodies Health Option

Assorted Muesli, Granola and yoghurt drizzled with our homemade honey is all you need to start your day!